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Make It Joy

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Certified life and spiritual coach, Caroline Busick, brings you weekly tips and inspiration to live a life you love. She is passionate about helping you live with purpose, connection, and JOY!

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04 December 2023

End of Year Reflection Exercise

Looking back on the year, join me for a quick and simple exercise to help you end your year with joy. 

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27 November 2023

#29 How To Stay Close To God When Life Is Busy




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22 November 2023

I'm Thankful For

In this episode, I list off what I'm thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving! website:



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20 November 2023

#27 Financial Tips For The Holidays (Guest- Lindsey- Money-Mentor)

We cover financial tips for the holidays. Everything from budgeting for the holidays, intentional holiday spending, saving money, Black Friday, how to tithe when you are broke, and more. Lindsey-Money Mentor answers your top questions about spending and saving money during the holidays.



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13 November 2023

#26 How To Manage Stress During The Holidays (Special Guest: Tati Garcia of Be Calm With Tati

Maintaining your mental health during the holidays can be a challenge. Tati Garcia gives us tips and strategies to manage holiday stress.



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07 November 2023

#25 Bonus Episode: Quiet Time With Caroline- "The Relaxation Response"

Bonus Episode Learn to manage anxiety and calm stress with The Relaxation Response Technique This is one of the most effective exercises to calm anxiety that I've found. It's one of my go-to's when I need to chill out, have lost my peace, or need to feel grounded.



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