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Caroline Busick

30 April 2024

8m 39s

Celebrate Beauty 5/24: Quiet Time With Caroline- A Beauty Meditation



Slow down and appreciate beauty in yourself with this meditation/exercise. 


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Episode Transcript: 

Caroline Busick: Hello, my friend. We are going to do a meditation, or you may want to call it an exercise or a little bit of mindfulness here. And we are going to. I'm going to walk you through appreciating beauty and just help you connect with it and get in touch. So first, go ahead and get into a comfortable position. If you're driving for this one, you're going to need to pull over, because I'm going to need you to look at some things that are not the road. So go ahead, get comfortable and close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly without changing anything. Notice the inhales and the exhales and feel your breath moving in your body. Notice if you have any tension in your body, if your jaw is tight or if you're clenching your teeth, just very gently part your teeth. If you're furrowing your brows, soften your eyebrows, soften your face. If you feel any tightness in your neck, just give your shoulders a little wiggle or maybe a little roll and see if you can soften that space. Just notice anywhere else in your body that may be holding on to a little stress or a little tension. And see if you can maybe wiggle out a little bit and create a little bit of softness and ease as you sit. And as you relax, begin to feel a warmth inside of you, a warm, loving light inside of you, full of kindness, full of love, full of compassion for yourself, for others. Now open your eyes and look at your hand. Just choose one hand and look so that the knuckles are facing you, the palm is down. And just look at your hand. Notice the lines. Notice the fingernails, the cuticles. Notice the shapes and the colors on your hand. And as you are doing this, touching with that warm light that you have felt, that compassion, that love and acceptance. And look at your own wonderful hand through the lens of love and appreciation and begin to bend your fingers and straighten so that your knuckles grow larger and smaller. And just look at the lines on your knuckles. Notice the movement of your fingers and begin to see the beauty in how your hand is made with so much detail, so much ability. And let's flip the hand over so you're now looking at the palm and notice the lines and the colors where it's lighter. Take a look at one of your fingerprints and look at all of the unique lines in your fingerprints. And know that no one else in the world has your fingerprint. You are the only one whose hands and fingers look like this. And allow a sense of wonder and awe to come. As you are looking at this unique hand. Now you can rest your hand and close your eyes. And as you're closing your eyes, bring that image of your hand to your mind. See your hand in your mind and allow the beauty of your hand to expand. And that may bring up a visual of different colors, different shapes, flowers around you. Perhaps a pen or a pencil or a tool comes into your hand. Whatever expanding the beauty your hand means, so allow the beauty to expand. As you are thinking of your hand in your mind, and with this picture of your hand in your mind, consider how has your hand added beauty to your life. Allow real memories to come of what your hands have done for you. What things have they allowed you to do? What beauty has your hand touched, what people have they held? And if you wander off into negative thoughts or irrelevant thoughts, that's. That happens. That's the brain. Just pause, take a breath. Focus on your breathing. Again, your inhales, your exhales, and then return to this idea of your beautiful hand and allow memories and moments of your life, of when your hands have added beauty to come to you. When have your hands brought you comfort? When have your hands brought you joy? And now, with your eyes still closed, hold on to your hands. And now thank your hands for what they have done for you in your life and for all of the beauty that they have brought you and the experiences they have brought you. And thank them for being beautiful in their own right, and just appreciate them for what they are and the beauty that they are. If you'd like to stay with us a little longer, you may. If you're ready to come out, then just very gently allow a smile to come over your face and begin to slowly blink your eyes open. Relax your shoulders and take a nice exhale. And go on about your day, thankful for your beautiful hands and the beauty that they have brought you and will continue to bring you.

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