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Caroline Busick

31 May 2024

4m 53s

Be Present- A Prayer For Us- 6/24 #50



Be Present

Let's kick off our monthly theme with a prayer over you and me. 

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Episode Transcript:

Caroline Busick: Hi, Lord, I tell you what, it is nice to just be still with my eyes closed and just be here with you. So, Lord, I know that you know that our topic for this month is it's all about being present, being in the moment. And you know that that's really hard. You know that we are crowded and we're fast and we're busy and we're worried and we're anxious and fearful and excited and looking to what's next. And. And I ask that you would help us slow down. I ask that you would help us to be. When we are with you, I ask that we would be with you and we would. Man, we would feel your presence and we would feel like. Like you're right here with us. And so right now, Lord, I ask that we would feel like you are right here with us. And, God, when we are with other people or friends or family, I ask that we would feel tied to the moment, that you would give us a sense of discipline. A feeling of. I think discipline is the word. A self. Self control and discipline to stay in the moment and to. To be here now and to give our attention to the people we are with and to give our attention to now and what's happening and to open up and experience it. And, Lord, I think that this being present is. It seems like that's in the Bible a lot. It may be kind of coded, but. But there's this feeling of, like, being here now and loving you well now and loving people well and trusting you and surrendering now and not looking ahead or looking to the path, just being. And that's tough. And I ask that you would make us. I ask that you would work on that in us and you would show us where we're weak in that and show us how we can get stronger in that and show us where we are strong in that. Help us find what works for us to do that. And. And, Lord, I ask that you. I just want to encourage our friends who are praying with us right now. I ask that you would. You would anoint this time. You would anoint this month for them as a holy time where they can feel your presence and your stillness more than they have in a very long time. They would feel the power of your presence and the power of being. Power of being with you and the power of just being as they move through their life and through their days and encourage them and encourage me and show us. Teach us how to do it. Teach us how to do this. Okay? We love you very much, Lord. Big time. And thank you so much for your sweet, sweet presence. And thank you that you are not a God of rush. You are a God of stillness and patience and being and waiting and very much a God of now and being in the present. Okay, Lord, we love you very much and, yeah, guide us and be with us and encourage us. Okay. We love you.

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